In today's fast-changing and impressive world as well as dynamic business life, the ability to possess entrepreneurial qualities in general such as courage, self-awareness, passion, creativity and stamina is more valuable than ever. This not only to succeed professionally but to be personally successful in most areas of true dignity in life.

The backside of the coin of the escalating digitization and exposure to more or less relevant sources of inspiration, is that people are getting less natural inspiration and proper “life education” to develop still life-promoted qualities, such as ex. self-awareness and traits needed to build real and long-term sustainable relationships. Feelings of disorientation sometimes even soullessness and performance anxiety increases steadily, which in turn are important reasons why mental illness is one of the symptoms that are becoming more common for each year. ]

Today's conditions can be described as paradoxical in a way that, on the one hand, there are greater opportunities and sources of inspiration than ever to base the individual self-realization on, on the other hand, it is obviously easy to get caught up in a spiral where you don´t live a life as true to yourself. Something that, in the end, too, many people risk becoming devastating for their healthstatus.

Bearing this in mind, our holistic approach to personal development, based on "Formula 1" anchored in the 6 Human needs, mirroring both the private and professional life, is more needed than ever.
Our story
For almost a decade, TA's founders have, in various ways, been involved in developing the Community on a global basis with a clear link to just-personal development.

His personal life anchor falls back on the fact that he has clearly lost and rebuilt both health and business. Thanks to embracing a holistic approach to personal development and many of the characteristics that can be associated with an entrepreneur (courage, passion, self-insight, vulnerability and endurance), he has managed to come back strongly and stands today on a well-grounded overall platform for the exciting future facilities.

With the support of this challenging personal development journey, he has broadened his view of and understanding of the importance of genuinely holistic personal development, and partly of how increasingly valuable entrepreneurial qualities are in order to become personally successful in all areas of dignity in life in today's Society.

With great focus on utilizing and further developing one of his major success factors, so father, "public speaking", he now wants to contribute to enriching the world with similar valuable insights.

Today Academy
We offer a community regarding personal development, which, by equipping our clients with an entrepreneurial mindset, promotes both the individual and societal development, in the end connecting everyone to a higher purpose. 

By utilizing the potential of both on-line and off-line marketing and “collective mutual value creation”, TA connects relevant people and businesses that can promote each other's development and competitiveness. 

This is enabled by well-established personal improvement system, which is also enhanced by a unique event pipe-line, as well as a technical application. Sofortly the individual can visualize and follow his or her personal development and get brought together with other individuals, with whom they have a naturally relevant exchange.
That through leading examples of good companionship, love and community, knowledge and faith help people find themselves, then through our proven systems create the conditions for a happy life.
We are looking for the people who are looking for us.
That through our fundamental values ​​and principles, we connect people with integrity who are passionate about helping others. In this way, we can together create change in the individual human life that they do not have the opportunity to do for themselves.

Today Academy / Ceo - founder
Andreas Grenthe
Tel: (0046)  - 709 42 70 02

Today Academy / Speaker
Jens Seger
Tel: (0046)  - 706 89 95 71

Today Academy Wellness / Speaker
Sarah Hellström
Tel: (0046)  - 706 89 95 71

We Hiring

Advisory board
Gregory Mark Hill
Tel: (001)  - 917 526 20 60
Wellness Coach
Josefine Fjällid
 Tel: (0046)  - 703 84 93 95 
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TA Today Academy AB
org: 559197-3317
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554 66 Jönköping 

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