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The idea behind TodayiCare was born in 2014 when Andreas himself faced a crossroads in life. A crossroads when deeper motivation is required to complete the plan. When he thought about what could be the driving force for change in his own life, he was met by a film about children that suffer that touched him deeply.

A concept became reality and Andreas began to change bad habits to instead donate 50% of the corresponding amount to children who need help and the remaining 50% to himself.

#todayicare is today a big reason why Andreas is free from tobacco and many other bad habits.

It later turned out that each action also triggers many of the "6 human needs" and has become an ultimate way of running behind the Today Academy training series.

Every month, money goes into the #todayicare concept, which was previously spent on worse alternatives and a total sum of about SEK 50,000 has been handed over to charitable purposes.

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