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Our fantastic event pipeline is shaped so that you can start from any event that suits your taste or level. If you are new to personal development, we recommend that you join the order from Ignite to Influence Academy.
2 Hours  | $29
High-energy musical seminars, activated by a well-proven system for personal development. Delivered repeatedly in the cities we are active in. Here there is constant variation with different themes as well as different guest speakers.

The purpose of Ignite is that you are used to visiting every month in your hometown to get energy to constantly deliver on top, gain new insights, create new contacts, new keys and be inspired to follow your dreams and inner compass.

Speakers: High quality variation

Power Hours - New topics every month
Monthly goal setting - Go in the direction of your plan

Truth or Dare
3 Hours  | $39
Truth or consequence helps you understand the "6 human needs" of the needs that drive your behaviour pattern and your destiny.

Experience an open session where Andreas Grenthe himself shares his own journey while allowing "open questions and discussions" with people from the audience.

Perhaps it is you who decides to share your story that Andreas did at Tony Robbin's famous "Date with Destiny" seminar, also featured in the famous Netflix documentary "Iam, not your guru"

Your truth or do you choose consequence?

Speaker : Andreas Grenthe

Ice break session - Inspiration
Awareness Questions - Workshop
6 Human needs - Workshop
Formula 1 method - part 1
8 Hours | $79
Paint Your Future is an 8-hour "short" event that offers a huge dose of musical energy and open living dialogues with the audience, this, of course, along with a unique educational plan for your future.

Step into a room together with hundreds of like-minded people, inspired by how Andreas, together with the team and DJ, spice up the day with suitable music, while we together work out a blueprint for your future.

Paint your Future is based on insights from our previous event "Truth or Consequence" that is about living a life true to yourself based on our "6 human needs"

But here we build out a foundation through goal setting and planning based on your "true self"

If you haven't visited previous events, it doesn't matter, you get an effective review and help from our team members to catch up.

Speaker: Andreas Grenthe

Leadership Academy
Formula 1 method - part 2
2 Days | from $295
Leadership Academy is about taking leadership in yourself to the next level. Experience a weekend Bootcamp on a mansion where we combine everything from challenging physical exercise, diet, challenges and community. Here we go in depth and work with genuine construction of self-esteem and self-mastery. Here we look at the foundations of integrity, values ​​and basic habits in your life.

A title and leadership are two completely different things. At Leadership academy you develop true leadership that inspires your surroundings to take new steps through what they see in you. Leadership is about leading oneself before one can lead another.

Speaker: Andreas Grenthe

Friday - Outdoor workout, sauna & dinner
Saturday - 10h pure Leadership, training, dinner & Why circle 
Sunday - 8h clean leadership ink food

Influence Academy
5 days | from $1495
How to stay ahed of the game in todays modern society.

Influence Academy is not only the perfect option for companies and organizations who want to unite the spark with the true power when both offline and online work better. Imagine when the whole group does it.

Influence Academy is also for those who want to take advantage of the future and at the same time get to know all the basic principles of the "6 human needs"

At Influence Academy, we use high-level personal development to help you identify what could be your passion and with the help of technologies and systems from the digital world, you can leave Influence Academy with a ready-made business idea in line with your blueprint.
Truth or dare
One-time purchase Valid 12 months

  • 6 human need
  • Goal setting
Paint yor future
One-time purchase Valid 12 months

  • Awareness of your situation - How does it actually look? economy, relationships, work situation, etc.
  • Goal setting
Digital Toolbox
One-time purchase Valid 12 months

  • "The ultimate business executive tool, it combines and enables digital marketing, brand development and self-realization in a valuable and unique way"
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